Eid ul Fitr Celebrations

Eid ul Fitr which we also know as Sweet Eid. This Eid ul Fitr comes after the Ramadan Mubarak Month. It is not bad to say that this Eid is a gift from Allah for all the Muslims who Fast for whole month.

The celebrations of Eid ul Fitr starts from 2 weeks before the exact date. People seem very excited for the shopping. Especially kids because when it comes to shopping, no one can beat kids. The excitement for the new cloths of the kids is so high.

When the Eid moon is sighted, a huge amount of people goes to markets for shopping. There seems a crowd of people in every market. Mostly people love to do shopping when the moon is sighted. The markets are open till the Eid 1st day morning. Muslims also greet each other with Eid ul Fitr Wishes.

On the Eid ul Fitr day, Muslims ready to offer Eid Prayer. Every Muslim goes to Mosque and offer Prayer. Basically Muslims starts the Eid celebrations with Islam way and it is also Sunnah to start Eid day with Namaz. After Namaz every Muslim hugs three times each other to greet the Eid. And then they come back to their home.

After back to home they also wish Eid to their family members. The woman makes different sweet dishes to celebrate the happiness of Eid al Fitr. Families also go outside to see the celebrations. Some people go for a picnic with their family to celebrate.

The celebrations of Eid remains for 3 days and there is a public holiday in every Muslim country. Therefore every Muslim can enjoy the happiness with peace and with satisfaction because it is the festival of happiness and enjoy. Many non-Muslims also celebrate the Eid with Muslims. In this way they give message of peace and love to the entire world.