Folding mattress, a revolution to comfort

To maintain a healthy body and mind it is very necessary to take a sound sleep. Because while sleeping our body gets relief and mind get rid of the stress. Thus, the mattress you used to sleep on should be selected very carefully. In all types of the mattresses folding mattress are preferred a lot due to their attractive, comfortable and convenient features.

Properties of folding mattress:

Folding mattresses have many distinct features which makes them first choice for everyone. Some of the characteristics are written below:

  • Foam
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Portability
  • Cover
  • Light weighted

Let us these points one by one.


Basically, there are two kinds of foams are used to synthesize folding mattress one is memory foam and the other one is latex foam. Memory foam is the supreme quality foam, it gives

  • Extra comfort
  • Extra relief
  • Suitable for body pain
  • Does not changes shape even after a very long time
  • Preferred for young and adults

The mattresses of sleepy foams are composed of superior quality foams. The other type of foam is latex foam, latex foam is a polymer of urethane, it is inexpensive and suitable for kids to play and jumping purposes because latex foam makes mattress extra bouncy. Latex foam is very suitable for old age people.

Thickness and size:

Folding mattresses are generally:

  • 4-inch
  • 6-inch
  • 8-inch

While the size ranges are as:

  • 40-inch
  • 60-inch
  • 80-inch

Mattress with 4-inch thickness and 40-inch size are recommended for the people suffering from back pain. 6-inch thick and 60- inch mattress is recommended for elderly people and adults. But most of the times it has been observed that adults and kids like to have a mattress with 80/8-inch size by thickness. Sleepy foams provide a tremendous range of folding mattresses at a very affordable cost.


Covering anything decreases damage possibilities.Similarly, at the time of purchasing a folding mattress always buy a cover for it. Companies provide you a cover with the mattress, but you can buy a separate cover for the additional protection of your mattress. Especially, while going on a trip or while camping always take a strut and waterproof cover which can withstand the hard environment.


Last but not least in any manner. Portability is the most convenient feature of a folding mattress. A folding mattress generally it has three panels and two sides folding capacity. Sleepy foams provide carrier bag which makes it extremely convenient to carry your mattress everywhere you want. Our company provides a wide range of mattress for every age of people. We provide best customer services at best price. There are no hidden charges nor extra charges with a commitment to reliability and money back guarantee. Always select a mattress consciously and check all the points mentioned above to make sure that you have selected theperfect stuff for your comfort and relief. Think wisely and choose the best.