7 ways to save money on a daily basis

Some people, who are unmarried and have average wages, complain that they cannot travel for lack of money. They are convinced of it. But often, it’s just a question of priority, motivation, and organization.

How to save money tips? It’s like losing weight or going to the gym: we say we’ll do it, but we always end up getting discouraged. Pity? No, because with me, you will take the bull by the horns and you will finally stick to your goals, Diane!

So what I propose is to challenge you for a week. The principle? Do not spend a penny, except on what cannot be avoided (credit, bills, rent, etc.).

Your goal will be to avoid at all costs restaurants, cinemas, shopping sessions and other unnecessary expenses. You know what I’m talking about, no need to make an exhaustive list😛

As a bonus, you will find that it is good to simplify your life from time to time. We get too used to these little luxuries which, in the end, are expensive.

A short, non-exhaustive review of different ways to find the budget for a trip:

1. Reduce spending in bars and Starbucks

If you go out often, it’s crazy what you can save, just over a month. 4.50 chocolate at Starbucks, half a beer after work, it’s a quick addition, especially if you live in Paris. The example in the capital just for two beers: 8 euros per week, or … more than 400 euros over the year. This pays you for your plane ticket!

2. You pass by car

If you live in a big city not far from your job and you do not have a family, it’s a big expense. You will see that you will go very well! The economy over the year, counting insurance, gasoline, maintenance, can quite pay you a nice trip to the other side of the world!

3. Reduce your purchases

Consume less. Buy fewer clothes, fewer CDs, and DVDs, fewer items that are often useless. Without going to a minimalist lifestyle, reducing your consumption will simplify your life and save you money. Do you need a flat screen as big? And the latest mobile trend?

4. Living in a roommate

If you are single and live in a big city, it is often much more economical to share a big apartment or a house. Of course, you must be easygoing and not resistant to community life!

5. Cook yourself

Bring your meal to your workplace why not! Reduce your dining out and invite your friends to dine at home! It’s also friendly, it’s cheaper, and you learn to cook!

6. Register in a library

Are you a big reader? Register in a BM, you will realize that most of the books you want to read are there! If this is not the case, buy in pocket format!

7. Anticipate!

Take your train, plane and other tickets in advance. And pay less!

This method is extremely effective to save money because it comes to settle gently, without upsetting your habits. Increasing in small painless increments of 1 € each time, you decrease the risk of discouragement and demotivation!

It’s very ingenious and super easy, I’m valid🙂